“The road to building wealth is arduous, but preserving family fortune for generations to come is even harder.“
Robert Schönfeld

Wealth and Asset Management

Wealth & asset management is a service for clients whose assets require both daily care and prudent management.

Together, we find solutions for sustainable development of an asset portfolio across generations.

The services we provide centers on you, your needs and preferences. We specialize in serving families and offer a wide range of investment solutions to help you get where you want to go.


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Wealth Management

Characteristics of asset management

• The comprehensive nature of our services makes us unique: from management of real estate portfolios, companies and manufacturing firms to management of funds and cash flow.

• We guarantee unique solutions designed according to the specific characteristics of each client and his family.

• We create protective barriers against ill-advised actions of offspring.

• We address the threat of asset dissipation. We create formal family constitutions as a means of setting up relationships within the family for the future.

• We ensure the professional approach of a trustee whose priority is to protect client assets.

• We design structures with an emphasis on philanthropy and the family’s social standing.

Our offer

Comprehensive management of all classes of client assets through:
• Qualified investor funds
• Endowment funds
• Trust funds
• Individual asset management

Family constitution
• Setting up the family structure and management mechanisms through a formal family constitution

Family prestige
• Establishing the family’s long-term social status and influence

Comprehensive legal and tax services
• Ensuring close integration of legal and tax services to provide private clients and their families with a comprehensive one-stop service
• Offering a unique combination of both local and international tax and legal expertise

Education: The best way to carefully manage a legacy an inheritance and avoid wasting it.

From the Schönfeld family collections

Client assets

Real estate
• Asset management
• Property management
• Facility management

Business assets
• Asset management, M&A counselling
• Corporate governance: delivering agreed, measurable results to increase value over the long term
• Analysing markets and opportunities for joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions

Financial assets
• Long-term pro-active asset management through diversification and risk management
• Cash management and cash flow optimization
• Financing


From the Schönfeld family collections: August Bedřich Piepenhagen, oil