“Welcome to the world of ultimate art: the art of building and managing assets over centuries.“
Robert Schönfeld

Schönfeld & Co Wealth and Asset Management

We build on our time-tested experience of managing family assets for over 700 years.

Through Schönfeld & Co Wealth and Asset Management, we manage your assets safely and sustainably.

We seek to grow your portfolio across generation.

Protegens legatum. The motto of our company, which means “Protecting legacy”, is a message for all those who aim to build their wealth, increase its value, pass it on to next generations and ensure it is sustainably managed.

Protegens Legatum

We honour the unique story of each client and their wealth, and we help them carry it forward into the years to come. We help the offspring develop legitimacy of influence and responsibility.

Our effort is to build the background for setting long-term principles. According to our belief, a family’s portfolio and assets require multi-generational management oversight.

„Only 15% of families manage to successfully pass their assets on to the next generation. Less than 10% of wealthy families retain their wealth for longer than three generations.“


From the Schönfeld family collection: Alfons Mucha