“If you are seeking a long-term partnership, this is the right philosophy. There are no shortcuts.“
Robert Schönfeld

Our people

Being a part of the RSBC group, Schönfeld & Co Wealth and Asset Management avails of investment teams and experts specializing in private equity, real estate and wealth & asset management.

Our Wealth and Asset Management experts look after portfolios of large institutional investors (Generali bank, ČSOB bank, the Roman Catholic Church, etc.). The same teams exert the same diligence in caring for the Schönfeld & Co Wealth & Asset Management clients. Our legal and tax experts rank among the EU’s top professionals. Our clients also have the option to work with first-class asset management experts in Switzerland.


Robert Schönfeld

Chairman of the Board

Businessman, philanthropist and manager of assets that were restituted to the Schönfeld family. The founder and owner of the RSCB investment group. He is mainly involved in real estate, reale state funds, industry, logistics, agriculture, IT and investment.

RSBC has been guaranteeing growth in the value of entrusted capital for over 25 years. The volume of the group’s assets is CZK 7 billion.

Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the PKF – Prague Philharmonia, one of the most well-respected orchestras among Czech and global musical ensembles.

Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 in the Czech Republic (awarded by EY Czech Republic).

Founder of the International School of Music and Fine Arts Prague, one of the largest international schools in the Czech Republic.

Graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – violin, history of music and art.

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Radovan Jakubčík

Wealth Management

Wealth manager and private banker Radovan Jakubčík has more than 30 years of professional experience in the banking sector, primarily in managerial positions in international banks such as the Dresdner Bank of Germany, UBS of Switzerland and LGT of Lichtenstein.

He managed the assets of creditworthy clients from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Eastern and South-Eastern Europe in these prominent financial institutions. His experience and approach have earned him the trust and respect of his clients, for whom he has provided long-term management of financial assets totalling EUR 200 million. He later capitalized on his vast professional know-how when building and managing the Penta Group’s Privatbanka, which he led as CEO for the Czech Republic for 11 years.

Radovan Jakubčík’s approach to clients is grounded in reliability, openness and esteem. He respects the individuality of each client and their personal history.

He graduated from the Faculty of Science of Charles University, with subsequent studies in economics and strategic management at the Technical University of Ostrava. He speaks German, English and Russia.

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I teach my sons to look at the assets they manage through the view of their grandchildren. Not their children, but one generation further.

From the Schönfeld family collection