“We draw on the experience of our family and ancestors. We have withstood the test of time like few others in our country.“
Robert Schönfeld

The Schönfeld family

We are a family with a history of many centuries. Historic records indicate that we arrived in the Czechlands in the late XIII century from Silesia.

Like other ancient families in Europe, we, too, proudly adhere to the symbols representing our tradition and values. The philosophy of the Schönfelds is “Festina lente”, i.e. “Make haste slowly”. With deliberation, courage and determination.

In the same spirit, our family has unwaveringly passed on traditions and assets, culture and prudence in their management from generation to generation.

The current three generations of the Seidlitz von Schönfeld family. From the left: William Karl-Heinz, Robert Karel, Zdeněk Karel, Richard Bohumil

Festina Lente

We are aware that great fortunes may not bring just joy and pleasure. We have been repeatedly persecuted, exiled and imprisoned, whether as a Protestant family in the Catholic monarchy of the XVII century, or three hundred years later as members of the nobility hated by the communist dictatorship.

The prudence and courage to stand up to the malevolence of individuals and regimes form part of an identity that values family principles above the temporary benefit of one generation.

The Schönfelds have always stood firmly by their principles and courageously defended their responsibility for everything entrusted to them by previous generations.

Czech Television reported on the history and contemporary life of the Seidlitz family from Schönfeld in a documentary series titled “Blue Blood”.

View the episode here.

We have been caring for extensive movable and real estate assets for centuries. Traditionally, these have included rental housing in large cities, agriculture, and small-scale manufacture. Since the 1990’s, our business has expanded into digital technologies, renewable resources and commercial property management.

Just as the past Schönfeld generations left their mark in history through developing their property and sharing the proceeds with others, also the new generation, represented by sons Richard Bohumil Maria and William Karl-Heinz Michael, will guide the future generations of our clients by meticulously assisting them in managing their family wealth.

Pass on what you have received and never cease building on. Our family has been following this business model successfully for many generations.

From the Schönfeld family collection: Antonín Mánes, watercolour